We Provide an Array of Bidding Options to Show Your Credit Worthiness

How to win contracts

You can increase your chance of winning a government contract by researching the federal marketplace and taking advantage of SBA resources.

Bidding is an essential part of the procurement  process of the federal government selecting a prime or subcontractor to complete a project. Once you place a bid for a contract, the company will choose ones that meet the requirements. They then will ask to see proof of financial support. This proof shows them that you have adequate funding for the contract.  Fortunatly, TFN as done the hard work and provides an array of options to show your credit worthiness to prospective clients.

Escrow Agreements

What is an Escrow Account?

According to Acquitison.gov:

   (iii) A tripartite escrow agreement. The prime contractor establishes an escrow account in a federally insured financial institution and enters into a tripartite escrow agreement with the financial institution, as escrow agent, and all of the suppliers of labor and material. The escrow agreement shall establish the terms of payment under the contract and of resolution of disputes among the parties. The Government makes payments to the contractor’s escrow account, and the escrow agent distributes the payments in accordance with the agreement, or triggers the disputes resolution procedures if required.

Sounds complicated, right? Don’t Worry!

TFN/ActionCapital will act as an escrow agent to hold the asset (contract or purchase order) until the specified conditions of the contract are met. TFN is essentially standing up for your creditworthiness, which allows you to quickly receive the equipment you need to continue with your project.

We are well-versed in federal procurement

Business Development Consulting

Bidding is an essential part of a successful business. Without contracts, your company will not grow. To build a better business, you need contracts to increase cash flow and experience. TFN has created valuable relationships with clients in the government marketing arena, well-versed in federal procurement. This financial knowledge is invaluable when it comes to bidding and securing contracts. TFN’s knowledgeable professionals are available to consult with you in understanding and building financing costs into your proposals, which is an essential element in the bidding process.


USASpending.gov tracks government spending through contracts awarded. This searchable database contains information for each federal contract. You can use this information to help identify procurement trends within the government and potential opportunities.

Contract Teaming Assistance

It is harder to land larger contracts as a newer or smaller company, especially with the federal government. Our contract team has the knowledge to offer assistance by connecting you with companies that have the required performance for federal government contracts. Each of our clients works directly with a team of two portfolio managers who process funding requests and support the client on a day to day basis.  Our portfolio teams are, in turn, supported by TFN’s operations team which manages our lockbox service and provides reporting to our clients.

The team at TFN is dedicated to helping our clients learn and grow. Bidding support is just one small area of expertise that we possess. Our trusted financial advisors have decades of knowledge in the financial industry and government contracts. We provide financial solutions for every stage of your contract. From bidding support and mobilization funding to payroll and accounts receivable financing, your business is in trusted hands with TFN.

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