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Your Accounts Receivable Funding Options

Improve your cash flow, get better financing rates, and take advantage of every business opportunity with TFN Accounts Receivable Financing programs. Our services are delivered by experts. Whether you’re a start-up, an early stage growth company, or ready to refinance as part of a turn-around effort, we can help provide funding in amounts from $50,000 to $10,000,000.

TFN focuses on government contractor financing, ensuring specific funding requests are met. Government contracts are given to prime contractors who work with subcontractors. At TFN, our team is dedicated to providing the appropriate financing for State, Federal, and Local governments. Based out of Oxford, FL, but we provide our government contract financing nationally. We customize our financing solutions so that clients receive the growth capital required to fund tasks and payroll. Having an Accounts Receivable Line of Credit utilizing government prime and subcontracts with advance rates up to 90% on eligible collateral allows companies to create more opportunities and growth! Contact Us For A No Obligation Offer!

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Government Contractor Payroll Financing

What is Payroll Funding?

Payroll funding is a term used by working capital finance or accounts receivable financing companies. The term specifically refers to providing the capital it takes to pay employees of temporary staffing companies.

The key benefit of using a payroll funding company to finance your temporary staffing company is making sure you can always fill the job orders from your clients. Your employees are always paid on time each payroll period even if your clients take 10 to 90 days to pay your invoices.

Large government contracts come with a workforce that has a variety of skills and pay rates. With a job well done, payment will need to be made to your workers. TFN provides government contractor payroll financing solutions. With a Line of Credit utilizing government and subcontracts to advance funds for payroll on work completed but not invoiced with advance rates up to 85% on eligible collateral, we make it easier for you to pay your team.

TFN provided billions in funding to our clients over the past 30 years. Along with that experience comes great service and the best rates in the industry.

TFN Line of Credit is Designed to Support Funding Needs of Government Contractors

Borrow Throughout the Month

You are not selling invoices or factoring to TFN , you are borrowing against your prime and sub-contract invoices that have been billedAs your collateral increases, borrow more as needed! This allows you to have access to capital to help fund your growth needs!

Fund Contract Start-Up Costs

If you need additional support at the beginning of a contract, we can provide mobilization loans in addition to your line of credit. Mobilization loans can be provided in addition to your line of credit, offering you more financial support!

Support When Needed Most

In response to you winning new contracts or adding incremental headcount, TFN can quickly increase your line of credit ceiling within a matter of days to ensure we support your opportunities. With quick response times, you never wait for additional capital to the increased demand from a well performed contract.

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We provide our clients a relationship with trusted advisors and financial masterminds. Our team works with veteran-owned, women-owned, minority-owned, and smaller businesses to increase their growth in larger markets. When looking for a financial group, it is vital that they have a vast knowledge of federal, local, and state government regulations.

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