We help you map a strategy for winning government contracts

TFN Lending has formalized the services we’ve been providing small to medium businesses for over 32 years into a Road to Success map to assist you in doing business with the Federal Government.

Whether you’re entering the government contracting market or growing revenues by winning more Government Contracts, Peter Timbas and his highly experienced best-in-class partners have decades of expertise and past performance navigating the Government Contracting  process. TFN offers offer a variety of services and products, depending on your current and future objectives for mapping and expediting growth through government contracting.


1. Government contractor readiness services

  1. SAM Registration
  2. Federal Branding
  3. Federal Sales Training
  4. Federal Certifications
  5. Financial Support Letter
  6. SBA Business Plans
  7. SBA Loans

2. Government intelligence research & federal pipeline services

  1. Data Intelligence on who is buying what you are selling
  2. Connecting with federal buyers to capture market share
  3. Discovering opportunities in your NAICS Codes before RFP hits the streets
  4. Custom Search Software to access to 7 million contract awards annually

3. Relationship Development Services

  1. Campaigns to develop & enhance business relationships
  2. Align your digital presence with branding story and value proposition
  3. Leveling up your LinkedIn to connect with influencers & decisionmakers
  4. Business development opportunity discovery and engagement
  5. Executive connection force multiplier services

4. Business Development Services

  1. Developing & aligning marketing strategy with business strategy
  2. Digital Marketing Campaigns
  3. Sales Funnel Conversion Development
  4. Marketing your message to 70,000 active buyers

5. Government Contracting Services

  1. GSA Schedule Services
  2. Government Contracting Vehicles
  3. Contract Management and Modification
  4. Identifying new opportunities with GSA Advantage
  5. Contract compliance
  6. Proposal Management

6. Financial Lending Services

  1. Lending to the Opportunities rather than your financial statements
  2. Lines of Credit from $50K – $15M
  3. Payroll funding for earned but unbilled work
  4. Letters of Financial Support to help win Federal Contracts
  5. SBA Loan Services

Why Choose TFN RTS

  1. We help you prepare for doing business with the world’s largest customer
  2. We don’t just tell you how to win contracts, we do the work with you and for you
  3. Over 32 years of experience, expertise, and connections in helping companies win government contracts
  4. Trusted by hundreds of customers, including many 8a,VOSB, SDVOSB, WOSB, Hub-Zone businesses
  5. We support medium size business ($500,000 to $50M in annual revenue) with financial support services. 

If you are interested in scheduling a brief discovery call with TFN and our trusted Government Contracting Success Partners to explore growing your business through Government Contracting, please click here.

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