Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit Nationwide

An Accounts Receivable Line of Credit from TFN Lending provides government and commercial contractors with better financing options over traditional factoring, which purchases your receivables rather than using them as collateral. Our financing lends against receivables, which gives the business owner a competitive advantage in securing government and commercial projects. Beyond a line of credit, we provide a variety of business loan services including, payroll funding, mobilization capital, contract bidding support, and other services important to a successful contracting business. You may reach us at (603) 219-3430.

Lending to the Opportunity

Our approach is “Lending to the Opportunity”, not lending based on client financial statements. Traditional lenders look in the rear-view mirror when making decisions, not us, we’re forward-facing. If clients can originate and operate their business, we will supply the necessary funding to grow their companies. Since our inception, TFN has arranged financing for over 1,500 companies on a nationwide basis. We pride ourselves on charging no application fees or up-front costs, as well as term-free contracts.

Federal Government Contract Financing

Sub Federal Government Contracting Financing

State & Local Government Contract Financing

Commercial Contract Financing

“Peter has been a trusted financial advisor over the last 30 years and has always provided timely resources to help our company’s growth.”

Jerry King


Anthony Closson

CEO/Founder at Colossal, LLC

How We Differ from the Rest

With 30+ years of “Results” as a Trusted Financial Partner, TFN has discovered the keys to success

We build Client Relationships

Clients deal directly with the decision-makers resulting in immediate attention to their financial requirements.

There are no upfront costs or term requirements for the relationship.

Customized flexibe terms that no one else can offer

Relationship building not only with us but with other trusted advisors

Responsiveness from origination to funding in as little as 4-5 business days. Thereafter, funding within 24 hours from request.

Immediate issuance of Letters of Financial Support for clients

We offer more than just loans,

We Provide the Opportunity for Growth

At TFN, we look forward not backward (you’re not going that way), by first obtaining your financials to get a snapshot of your company then lending to the opportunity to fuel the growth of your company.

Accounts Receivable Line of Credit, Payroll Financing for Unbilled Advances and Mobilization Funding

Payroll Financing for Unbilled Advances

Mobilization Funding

Contact TFN to request more information about our

Federal Contract Financing for Your Business Needs

Your Contract Bidding Support Team

In addition to our contract financing, we provide support for you to ensure your credit worthiness to potential bid customers. We provide a variety of options to help support you in securing a contract, including escrow agreements and financial support letters. Our team understands a growing company’s special needs and finding ways to obtain additional business is a top priority.

Lending to Opportunities Nationwide

TFN offers to everyone, including women-owned, veteran-owned businesses, minority-owned, & small businesses

Since our inception, TFN has arranged financing for over 1500 companies on a nationwide basis. We pride ourselves on charging no application fees or up-front costs, as well as term-free contracts.


Providing Credit to Entrepreneurs since 1991

Lending powered by ActionCapital, a market leading commercial finance company in Atlanta, founded in 1958, providing financial support to entrepreneurs from $50,000 to $10,000,000.